Job Title: Software Developer – Database Analyst

Summary: This position is for a software specialist who has experience with relational database design, graphical user interface development, permissions and security, debugging, maintenance, and installation. The applicant must be capable of understanding federal regulations to develop and work with software requirements, specifications, verification, validation, and deployment.

Company Overview: Hibernicor is one of the first companies in the United States to develop an electronic record system designed solely for pre-clinical research purposes, using a commercially available program. This database incorporates features facilitating compliance with regulatory guidelines and allows for through and expedited quality assurance auditing of GLP compliance. This database also facilitates comparison of data obtained from testing new heart valves and medical devices with historical data, allowing for a risk-based data analysis. This database is modifiable, to meet both changing needs and new regulatory requirements.

Key Position Responsibilities:

We seek a motivated, accountable, and experienced software developer who will be able to understand: the roles within a surgical research laboratory, the needs of the users, and the business requirements. The applicant should have the ability to work unsupervised and be able to deliver testable and documented solutions. Experience with software requirements, design, development and testing of applications is essential. Primarily duties include software development using an existing Microsoft Access database, GUI modifications and backend database in multi user environment with security and login controls. In addition to technical ability, candidates must be analytical, detail-oriented, well-organized and possess strong oral and written communication skills. The candidate must have extensive experience with Excel and MS Access development and proficiency with Visual Basic for Applications programming including the ability to analyze, debug, and enhance existing VBA applications. The applicant should be able to manage several projects or tasks simultaneously with self-motivation and problem solving skills as well as be able to communicate potential solutions clearly. The position responsibilities may include database migration to a MS SQL Server with a web-based front end depending upon customer preferences.

Software application requirements:

  • MS Access,Visual Basic, VB
  • Visual Basic for Applications, VBA, VB.Net, VBScript
  • Visual Studio, VS.Net, Visual C#
  • Java / J2EE, Javascript
  • XML, HTML, TML, FTP, Telnet
  • Active Server Pages, ASP.Net
  • Structured Query Language, MS SQL Server
  • MS Office, Word, Project, and Visio
  • Crystal Reports
  • Photoshop, Flash
  • JavaScript, Java / J2EE
  • Cascading Style Sheets, CSS

The applicant should be able to create software with the following characteristics:

Adaptability – The data entry forms and tables should be adaptable so that new data entry fields can be created and the layout adjusted.

Availability – Information relating to each animal should be available to each user and only the specific record locked for data entry.

Correctness – Data saved to the tables should not change and should be saved into the correct field.

Discoverability – The user should easily navigate and learn the software without excessive training.

Flexibility – The effort needed to modify the operational program.

Maintainability – New forms can be added as needed and old forms retired.

Reliability – Downtime for changes and following crashes should be minimized during working hours.

Reusability – Code developed should be reusable for newer versions of the database or in another application.

Robustness – If incorrect data or steps are done by the user then the system doesn’t crash.

Testability – The system should be able to be tested so that it performs as intended in a typical user scenario as well as maximum database size.

Usability – The effort required to learn, operate, prepare input and interpret output with daily use of the database should not be slower than a paper based system:

Minimum employee qualifications:

Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering or
Bachelor of Science MIS/IT/Programming

US or UK citizen or permanent resident

Reporting: The database programmer reports to the company director.

Location: The location of the job is flexible and occasional travel will be necessary to meet at the company offices either in the US or UK.

Type of Employment: The position is full time.

Salary Range & Benefits: The salary and benefits are commensurate with the applicant’s qualifications and experience. Successful applications will undergo additional training and company support for learning medical procedural terminology (CPT codes), and international disease classification codes (ICD-9 and 10),

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