Go Paperless in the Research Lab

Praesto pre-clinical software

Hibernicor’s Praesto pre-clinical trial software allows research laboratories to create, store, edit and retrieve records. With electronic health records software, you can:

  • Replace racks of chart folders.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Comply with FDA Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and International Standards Organization (ISO) guidelines.
  • Develop and implement a GLP-compliant infrastructure.

Benefits of electronic health records

Praesto is one of the best investments a laboratory can make, allowing the following with no necessary staff additions:

  • Accurate procedure coding
  • Improved laboratory efficiency, animal care and service
  • Quality documentation
  • Less filing and chart pulling
  • Electronic signatures
  • Expedited document reviews
  • Secured, instant access to study records
  • Data integration into study records
  • Easier compliance with study requests and audits
  • Integration with billing and scheduling products

Praesto includes an audit trail, allowing study directors to track all changes to the data, making Praesto compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 governmental regulations. Document integrity is ensured, and records are validated for legal purposes.

Praestro can help institutions develop and implement a regulatory infrastructure necessary for nonclinical safety studies to demonstrate that a new device or product is safe for human testing.  As emphasized in the article “A Roadmap for Academic Health Centers to Establish a GLP Compliant Infrastructure,” investigators should conduct safety studies in controlled, documented, and traceable manner.

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