Hibernicor’s Advisors

Oliver Banks, M.B.A.

Oliver Banks has been with TMG Transplant Consulting since 2007 and is the former Administrator of the Methodist LeBonheur-University of Tennessee Transplant Institute in Memphis, TN. His responsibilities in large, multi-organ transplant centers have included the development and management of service line strategies, transplant financials, billing operations, quality improvement initiatives (QAPI), outreach, database management, and regulatory and compliance assurance. Mr. Banks was previously the Administrator of Transplant Services at the University of Mississippi Medical Center where he managed the launch of the adult liver, pediatric heart, and pediatric kidney transplant programs. He has prior experience in service line planning, financial analysis, and operations management with Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Oliver holds a Health Care MBA from Vanderbilt University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Methodist University.

John Brassil

John Brassil is a biomedical engineer with over 15 patents as inventor or co-inventor of a variety of innovative devices.  He was the main inventor and director of engineering for Organ Recovery Systems’ LifePort Kidney Transporter. This was the third medical device he designed which was approved for human use by the FDA.  He has extensive experience with product development, management, systems engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance.  John graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a Master’s Science degree from Santa Clara University.  He worked for the human-centered, design-based firm IDEO, the battery company Duracell, and was a senior engineer for Coleco Industries.  Recently, he founded Functional Circulation as an OEM supplier for organ preservation research involving the kidney, heart, pancreas, lungs, and liver.  His work in product engineering and design has won accolades from Red Dot for the highest design quality and Business Week’s International Design Catalyst Award.   The Lifeport Kidney Transporter is now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Robert Gallegos, MD, PhD

Robert Gallegos is a general cardiac/thoracic surgeon at The Ohio Heart and Vascular Center. Previously, he was with Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Gallegos’ areas of surgical expertise include heart failure treatment, general and minimally invasive valve procedures, CABG, and aortic disease treatment. Dedicated to research and innovation in the field of cardiac surgery, he has served as principal and co-principal investigator on research projects and contributed new knowledge in the form of presentations, book chapters, review articles, case reports and clinical/research guidelines. Dr. Gallegos is extensively published in cardiac surgery literature and has presented at international health conferences.

Mary Olson

One of Columbia Alumni Magazine’s Top Women to Watch on the Web since 1995, Mary Olson is co-founder and chief brand transformation officer at FinTech Connector, the first exclusive online membership community that connects local fintech entrepreneurs and start-ups innovators with global professionals.

Olson has created software with numerous advanced features, such as dynamic database design systems, personalization, recommendation, advertising, content management systems, Web publishing, eCommerce, and streaming media. Mary ultimately founded Transition Networks in 1997 to assist her clients with developing new methodologies for generating new customers and revenue channels. Her core strengths and abilities include:

  • Brand and business strategic planning
  • International branding and site design
  • Web-based technology solutions
  • eCommerce
  • Traditional marketing and online promotion