Asporto Research and Publications

Ongoing research studies are being conducted to determine the Asporto’s efficacy and risk. The FDA and CE have not approved this device for human use.

Asporto innovations

Studies supporting the effectiveness of Asporto includes the following:

Rivard AL. Design and Evolution of the Asporto Heart Preservation Device. Journal of ExtraCorporeal Technology. 2015 Jun;47(2):119-24

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J. E. Molina JE, Rivard AL, Prindle SA, Bischof JC, Christen RM, Kinney LL. Design, Construction, and Testing of a Manually Portable Prototype Device for Prolonged Cryostorage of Hearts. Cardiovascular Engineering Vol. 10, No. 1 2005: 26-33.

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Rivard AL, Hellmich C, Swingen CM, Kamdar FD, Cordova EJ, Holstad J, Baranowski TJ Jr, Bianco RW, John R. Intermittent antegrade cardioplegia: isolated heart preservation with the Asporto heart preservation device. Progress in Transplantation. 2008 Jun;18(2):127-33

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