About Hibernicor

Heart transplant solutions

One of the leading cardiac medical device companies in heart transplantation; Hibernicor has an organ transplant solutions to improve the lives of cardiac transplant recipients.


The company’s mission is to increase the quality and quantity of donor hearts for transplantation with three main products.

The key to transplanting more hearts

Despite a high demand for donor hearts, about 20 percent of donated hearts are not used because organ procurement agencies cannot find a recipient in time.

Hibernicor’s signature product, Asporto, improves and prolongs preservation of donor hearts. Asporto will increase the number of usable hearts available for donation by improving the donor organ quality.

Hibernicor has reached major developmental milestones and is working with the FDA to finalize the pre-clinical research protocol necessary for 510k approval of the Asporto heart preservation device.  A key component to the company’s future success is continual improvement and adaption of new technologies in this highly specialized field of medicine.

Corporate structure

Founded in 2002, Hibernicor LLC is a privately held company with a registered office in Delaware.
Hibernicor LLC – DUNS number: 041594366

Hibernicor Ltd. is registered in England and Wales with the Companies House.
The registered number of Hibernicor Ltd is 08795080.