Job Title: Web Content Editor

Summary: Do you have a passion for healthcare information which is easy to navigate, easy to search, and easy to read?  We are looking for a news editor to help us organize a novel website devoted to quality heart transplantation news.  The candidate should be well versed with advanced internet curation tools and able to compile complex, varied sources of content into a simple, intuitive presentation for reader engagement.  Are you a medical informationalist?  Do you love healthcare and biomedical science news?  Hibernicor is in search for an editor to retrieve, critically analyze, and synthesize healthcare information in a flexible work setting.

Company Overview: Hibernicor, LLC is an private innovative company responsible for designing, manufacturing Asporto; a heart preservation device that allows for the improved and prolonged preservation of the donor heart.  Hibernicor is also one of the first companies in the United States to develop an electronic record system designed solely for pre-clinical research purposes. The company is at the frontier of medical innovation and globalization of healthcare technology.

Key Position Responsibilities: Hibernicor’s optimal news editor has a medical mindset and desires to be an integral part of providing quality health care information to improve patient care by helping physicians, allied health professionals, researchers, and the general public to stay abreast of new developments with authoritative heart transplant information.  The content editor will provide design input into and manage an internet blog-like website to bridge the information chasm between scientific and lay public information.  A portion of the job responsibilities includes periodically researching source material with  keywords, keyphrases, and nomenclatures specific to topics or audience.  Information should be validated for accuracy or veracity of the sources.

The news editor is also expected to collaborate with the company stakeholders to maintain information relevance and quality by maintaining a contact list of the who’ who in heart transplantation.  The editor may also assist the company with fund raising, marketing, business and other information technology initiatives.  The responsibilities include digital content sourcing, authenticating, organizing, classifying, and synthesizing to maintain editorial cohesion. The news editor will attend the industries’ largest international conferences for special in-depth audio or video recorded interviews for original publications.

Significant advantages of the part-time position include a flexible work environment which is location independent.  The job position is ideal for a medical librarian, pre-medical student, or allied health-care professional with a specific interest in heart transplantation and an unique ability to provide editorial expertise in both written and visual communication.


  • Experience in written content analysis and content management delivery.
  • Editorial-minded; able to select and deliver the best content from across multiple informational sources.
  • Ability to concentrate in a changing agile environment and juggle multiple priorities.
  • Excellent organizational skills, with a strong attention to detail for content presentation.
  • Ability to determine criteria for critical, important and non-essential news information.
  • Collaborate with the webmaster to ensure consistency across content areas and taxonomy for sharing viewpoints, opinion, perspective, commentary, and valuable insight.
  • Great collaboration and communication skills; able to drive cross-functional initiatives and deliverables and build strong networking relationships.
  • Pro-actively analyze data for new insights about key media topics and influencers.
  • Work to customize and configure datasets, deliver custom reporting, and create dashboards.

Minimum Employee Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science or Arts degree.
  • Excellent computer skills and natural comfort learning to use advanced analytical software.
  • Tablet or phone with 3G cellular and WiFi internet-browsing capability.
  • Laptop or desktop computer with broadband internet connectivity.
  • US or British citizen or permanent resident.

Location: The location of the job is flexible and occasional travel may necessary to meet at the company offices either in the US or UK.

Type of Employment: The position is a part time contractor with minimum time commitment of 4 hrs a week.

Salary Range & Benefits: The salary is $15/hr payable monthly.  There are no benefits.

Contact Information:

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    Jackson, MS 39216