Job Title: Geoportal Website Developer

Summary:  This position is for a talented early career web developer who has full stack experience with Python and Django to develop a world class web-based software product. We are seeking an applicant capable of producing some front end and most back end architecture for a web portal project to harness the power of spatially enabled data. The applicant should be able to manage several projects or tasks simultaneously with self-motivation and problem solving skills as well as be able to communicate potential solutions clearly to company leadership.

Company Overview: Hibernicor, LLC is a private innovative company responsible for designing, manufacturing Asporto; a heart preservation device that allows for the improved and prolonged preservation of the donor heart.  Hibernicor is also one of the first companies in the United States to develop an electronic record system designed solely for pre-clinical research purposes. The company is expanding at the frontier of medical innovation and globalization of healthcare information technology.

Key Position Responsibilities:  We seek a motivated, accountable, and experienced software developer who will be able to understand: the needs of the users, and the business requirements.  The applicant should have the ability to work unsupervised and be able to deliver testable and documented solutions. Experience with software requirements, design, development and testing of applications is essential.  Primarily duties include web development using an existing GIS dataset, GUI modifications and backend database in a multi-user environment with security and login controls.

The developer will create an easy to use geoportal using GeoDjango, PostGIS and Javascript (Openlayers) to visualize spatial data allowing users to perform easy-to-use spatial analyses. The developer will create the front and most back-end software for a portal project with hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), cascading style sheets (CSS) and server-side scripting language (PHP).  The developer will utilize source code versioning (Subversion or Git) collaboration systems as needed.

A successful candidate should remain abreast of industry technical trends and new developments to maintain current skills and changing software programming languages.

Software application requirements:

Django, GeoDjango, postgis
Java / J2EE, Javascript (Openlayers)
Cascading Style Sheets, CSS
Active Server Pages, ASP.Net
Structured Query Language, MS SQL Server
MS Office, Word, Project, and Visio
MS Access,Visual Basic, VB
Visual Basic for Applications, VBA, VB.Net, VBScript
Photoshop, Flash

The applicant should be able to create software with the following characteristicsAdaptabilityAvailability, CorrectnessDiscoverabilityFlexibilityMaintainabilityReliabilityReusability, RobustnessTestabilityUsability

Minimum employee qualifications:
Bachelors degree or equivalent combination of education and experience or
Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or related field or
Bachelor’s degree in MIS/IT/Programming and
Experience working with appropriate programming languages, operating systems and software and
Experience with relational databases.
US or UK citizen or permanent resident

Reporting: The database programmer reports to the company director.

Location: The location of the job is flexible and occasional travel will be necessary to meet at the company offices either in the US or UK.

Type of Employment: The position is contractual and full time.

Salary Range & Benefits: The salary and benefits are commensurate with the applicant’s qualifications and experience.

How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter, resume and either a code sample or a link to your personal Git repository. We will respond to suitable candidates by email to setup an initial phone interview.

Contact Information:
Dr. Andrew L. Rivard
President and CEO

253 Ridge Drive
Jackson, MS 39216